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The current circumstances have never been seen but rest assured we are all in together.
Give your family and friends peace-of-mind by generating a legally effective will.


Social distancing is giving you an opportunity to address many aspects of your life that may have been shelved for that rainy day that still hasn’t arrived. This is it. Your Will, Estate Plan and Power of Attorney is no exception.

Take these precious moments with loved ones and Ness Law to make your plan.


Update your Will, Start a Will, Assign your Power of Attorney from the comfort of Your home.
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Have your Will, Estate Plan and Power of Attorney Planned Remotely

We do not meet with you in person. Through communication via teleconference or web-conference and email we can start you on the path to security.


To make this work we will need you to scan and email or take photo of 2 forms of identification (ID), one of which needs to have a photo ID of you, think driver’s licence, passport.


We will then have the appointment conducted as a phone call or video conference using either Facetime or Zoom.

Why you need to have your Will Up-To-Date

Life is complex and it changes, that is more relevant than ever before. Preparing a Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney is something that is often put on the back-burner until you can get around to it. Sadly loved ones are often left with a lack of clarity through estate administration, or worse, dispute and litigation, simply because good intentions did not legally ensure that an up-to-date Will was in place.

No time seems like a good time to address this matter, it’s tough, but sorting out your affairs for that tragic moment will relieve your family during their time of grief. Dying without a Will more than likely will have the result that your estate is not distributed how you would have wanted. It will also leave a paperwork administration that postpones release of funds to family members that rely on. Finally, a complete lack of documentation can lead to the Government being handed the administration of the execution of the Will. Is this the legacy you want to leave your family with?

The general matters you need to consider before drafting a Will include:

  • who will be the executors and trustees of your estate;
  • are there any specific gifts that you would like to leave such as family heirlooms to particular recipients;
  • who will be the recipients of the remainder of your estate and in what proportions.

Don’t delay creating or updating a Will. Make sure that it meets your current needs and wishes, your dependencies are relying on it.

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Why You need a Power of Attorney?

Powers of Attorney allow a nominated person or persons to perform various functions on your behalf. This could include dealing with your finances or health matters if you are incapacitated or simply making decisions on your behalf in your absence.

Appointing a trusted person as a power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf for the security of you and potentially your families future is an important consideration.

Powers of Attorney can be for a single event, for example, signing a document whilst you are on holidays or alternatively for an indefinite period.

A decision of your attorney has the same effect as if you made the decision yourself.

Your wealth and your health can be in good hands when you make this choice to appoint the best candidate for the job. Don’t let this decision wait.>/p>

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Completion of Your Documentation

We understand that the situation is changing every day and we don’t know how long any form of social distancing or quarantine will be required. Legal completion requires in-person witnessing and as your documentation reaches this stage we can be creative and sterile to have this finalized. This would include explanation of your documentation through live conference; and a signing meeting conducted from entrance to one room at our office, sanitized before and after every meeting and all parties separated throughout the signing; Or with a visit to your house with witnessed signatures completed outside.


The Government and Law Association are also working on legislation to make processes more accessible to social distancing practices. We are following this very closely as this will greatly ease the solutions to finalizing legal documents.