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Whether you’re buying, selling, investing, subdividing or transferring a title, Ness Law can give you the benefit of legal expertise with local knowledge and a personal touch.

This Orillia Lawyer can put time and money on your side with timely assistance when you need it handled quickly.  Raquel is on your side to ensure your best interests aren’t lost in red tape.

Real Estate Law Orillia

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Real Estate Lawyer Orillia

Trusted Advice & Legal Service

Your real estate transaction is always a big decision with significant financial commitment.  Protect your investment with the support of a real estate lawyer that understands all of the legal shortfalls that could affect your livelihood after the transaction.  Proceed with confidence in your property purchase, sale or lease knowing that you have the right legal advice from Ness Law.


The Orillia-based practice caters to parties on all sides of residential and commercial real estate construction, development and transactions. Raquel represents individuals, families, businesses, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. She also represents developers, condominium and homeowners associations, contractors, builders, and lenders involved in transactions and disputes.


Ness Law’s real estate practice is closely associated to business and corporate law.  If you are making an investment purchase, Raquel can help you weigh in on the options that can financial benefit you.

Contact Ness Law today to discuss we can help you for your next real estate move.

Legal Assistance In Commercial & Residential Matters
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Real estate closings
  • Commercial leasing
  • Construction contracts
  • Commercial evictions
  • Development of residential, mixed-use and commercial property
  • Land use and zoning
  • Mortgage foreclosures and short sales

“Raquel is a trusted advisor of mine when it comes to Real Estate Law. I feel very confident referring her to all my clients and she has always been there to answer any and all questions. My clients have always closed their deals feeling informed and respected. She also did a fantastic job with my will. Thank you Raquel for all your hard work.”

Jess Willey | Orillia Real Estate

Buying a Property

You have made the decision to take the next step in securing a firm investment into your family future. A real estate lawyer is a necessity for a smooth transaction in your purchase. Ness Law understands the uncertainty you may experience in this process and takes an empathic approach to talking you through the stages of buying your first house, your commercial tenanted property and even your lake cottage.

Ness law has a growing reputation in supporting young families during their first real estate purchase and families changing title or subdividing properties between themselves. During these emotional decisions choose a Simcoe County Lawyer that treat your decision sincerely.

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Need to update Your Will or make one?

Wills & Estate Law

Most people know that they need a Will at some stage in their life, but not everyone understands the significants of a Will and what uses it has. Creating a Will is one of the most important legal acts you will do throughout your lifetime and especially when buying property. Take the next step of you house or investment property purchase and trust in Ness Law Orillia to secure your next decision.