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Corporate Law Services for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

If you are starting a business, running a business or growing a business from a sole proprietorship or through acquisition, you need the right advice and legal services to secure your business.

Anchor Your Business

Your company is your most precious representation of your professional contribution to your community and society at large, therefore using an experienced local lawyer with a well-versed team to guide you through the nuances of corporate law will anchor your precious ship.

Corporate or business law entails many aspects that you might not be aware of as captain of your ship and expert in your field. Trust in Ness Law Orillia for the expertise you need to sail your business smoothly without having to wear a legal department’s hat. Incorporate your business, create shareholder agreements and issue shares, complete annual minute book resolutions and buy or lease commercial property, the corporate law services for lake country lifestyles.

A personalized service for commercial and corporate law requirements

Whether you are a contractor, tradesperson, startup founder, florist, accountant, service provider or retailer, the team at lawyer Orillia is here to support your business’s success with the best legal solutions to your operational challenges and requirements.

These requirements may include drafting and negotiating contracts, terms and conditions, finance agreements, establishing investment shareholder agreements, issuing shares, commercial transactions, or shareholder and director’s duties.

If you think you need a lawyer, then the answer is always yes you do. Ask for help to make the best decision for the future. From the assistants and clerks to the lawyers, the education and experience they have accumulated will save you countless hours of research and sleepless nights trying to understand what the team at Ness Law are ready deliver to you and your business. Start with a Consultation to discover your options and talk through your needs.

Legal Advice & Corporate Law without the jargon

No miscommunication or misunderstanding of legal jargon. Ness Law will walk you through the process with clear insight, making it easier for you to understand and get the results you are looking for.

As one of Orillia’s most personal law firms, we manage a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial law engagements, including:

  • Incorporating new businesses
  • Transactions from Share Purchase, Asset Purchase or Sale of a business
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Loans, banking and finance
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Business structure advice, set-up and rework
  • Business governance and succession planning
  • Terms of trade and other business contracts


Our team also work closely with experts in other teams like accountants, book keepers and mortgage brokers, giving you the confidence that we have all your legal bases covered.

Legal Advice & Corporate Law without the jargon

Incorporating a Business or Starting a New Business

Running a business of any size can be a stressful and daunting task, so you shouldn’t have to worry about learning the legal requirements for incorporating a business. Ness Law Orillia is here to offer you and your business partners (if any) the legal advice to navigate this process and incorporate the business. Receive assistance on contracts, employees, business structures and legal requirements associated with business operations.

Mitigate business risks and optimize the commercial success of your business by starting with guided expertise that saves you a headache down the line.  When your time is best spent on spent on driving your business offerings rely Ness Law corporate law services to incorporate a business for long-term success, growth and smooth exit strategies.

Learn more about business structures and which one is right for you >>

Purchase and Sale of a Business

If you are buying or selling a business, whether it be shares or shares and assets, you will need a lawyer to help manage the process and draft the contract. It is very important that you use a business lawyer to review the sale contract and give advice on the purchase process. Ness Law will provide advice and assist in the best ways for the agreement to be performed. In an advent the contract is breached, the team at Ness Law will have existing insight into the contract and advise on next steps.

Minute Books

Keep track of everything accurately with yearly legal requirements for incorporated businesses and shareholders.

What is a minute book?

A minute book is your business’s glossary of information in a fancy binder. Not as complex as it might sound, your minute book will contain important documents from its legal inception. These documents will include the articles of incorporation, shareholder share certificates, business structure and key personnel.

What is an Annual Corporate Resolution?

Every year and hand-in-hand with your financial statements from the accountant, Annual Resolutions are entered into the minute book binder and report yearly financials and taxes, changes in appointed directors, shareholder contributions and shareholder dividends paid. It is important to stay up-to-date, in the same way you pay yearly taxes. These are documents that can be audited too, which can be very expensive based on the business.

Financial Transactions for Businesses

Ness Law supports your next move by overseeing financial services for lending and borrowing including vendor take-back agreements, mortgages, asset purchases and the financing requirements for you to buy, sell or grow your business.

The Lawyer Orillia team act for a number of lenders and borrowers in different capacities to secure finance for ongoing progress. Other activities necessary to your operational financial targets we can advise you on include asset ownership, corporate structures, property law and general common and corporate law issues.

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Use a business lawyer for your corporate law requirements including; incorporate a business, create share purchase agreement, buy or sell a business, money lending, commercial lease agreements. Ness Law, Corporate lawyer Orillia serves Barrie, Midhurst, Angus, Gravenhurst, Severn, Bracebridge, Ramara, Brechin and everything surrounding.

Updating a Will

A Will is never a static document. Individuals will probably tweak it throughout their lives, particularly when their circumstances change significantly; for example, due to marriage, divorce or the death of a beneficiary.

If you have been meaning to update your Will, we strongly advise you to get the process moving—even if that involves tough conversations.

Ness Law understands the importance of Wills, estates and trusts, and the sensitivities that come with creating or changing your Will, so contact us today to talk to an expert about how we can help you.

Buying or Selling a House?

Real Estate Law

Although it seems quite straightforward, real estate law can be quite complex and lawyers have to consider issues such as contract terms and conditions, mortgages, leans, property title and municipal regulations to name just a few. Are you buying a new or selling a property, trust in Ness Law Orillia to secure your decision.