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Prepare Your Will. It’s Not As Daunting as You Think

Wills & Estates, Probate and Will Disputes

It’s time. “I’ll do it one day” will be one day too late for your family. Take control of your future and your assets for the security of your beneficiaries. Save your family heartache and potentially financial distress, hire a Wills and Estate Lawyer.

Preparing a legal Will is the best way to ensure that when you do pass away your estate is distributed according to your will, and your family and loved ones are looked after. When completing something so important expert advice from a wills, estate planning and probate lawyer validates your final wishes in accordance to the law.

For all matters relating to estate planning, power of attorney and probate (executor of the Will)), Ness Law will prepare all the necessary documents correctly and ensure that you understand your rights and the implications of the planning process so that your Will can adequately express your wishes.

Start Your Will, Estate Plan & Power of Attorney Remotely

The current circumstances have never been seen but rest assured we are all in together.

With Social Distancing in place, the Ontario Law Association has made changes to accommodate completing your Will and Power of Attorney Documentation. We can now use Video Teleconference applications to witness signatures making the documentation legally binding.

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Wills and Estates Services – Lawyer Orillia
  • Your Last Will and Testament
  • Corporate Will/Secondary Will
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Probate
  • Family Trust
  • Succession Planning for Family Business
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Litigation

Why do you need a Will

A Will is just as important for life as it is death.  Buying your first house, having children, growing old, a will offers your partner, your children and your family security and sometimes it is required to get over the next hurdle. A Wills and Estate lawyer can get you over these hurdles for life’s changes and challenges. While procrastination is generally the reason for not having a last will and testament, it isn’t as daunting as most think.


You work hard to build up and maintain your assets. It makes sense to take the same sort of care in making sure that your loved ones get the benefit of them when you are gone. But if you don’t have a will, your property will be divided up according to a set formula, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t have any next of kin when you die, your property will go to the State and be tied up in the court system.


If you want peace of mind, don’t leave it and certainly don’t forget to change it.  Make sure when life changes your Will changes. After the sadness of your or a loved one passing there are many road blocks that can prevent immediate help and long-term security.


By making a Will you are protecting your loved ones interests and will be freeing them of financial worries at a time of emotional distress and bereavement.  Your wishes should be carried out professionally when your beneficiaries need assistance. Ness Law aims to be sensitive to your feelings not just your legal service for your will and estate planning requirements.

Updating a Will

A Will is never a static document. Individuals will probably tweak it throughout their lives, particularly when their circumstances change significantly; for example, due to marriage, divorce or the death of a beneficiary.

If you have been meaning to update your Will, we strongly advise you to get the process moving—even if that involves tough conversations.

Ness Law understands the importance of Wills, estates and trusts, and the sensitivities that come with creating or changing your Will, so contact us today to talk to an expert about how we can help you.

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